1 Apr, 2023


The total prizes for the twelfth session exceed 1.5 million dirhams

The Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) Twelfth Season competition platform for ‘Diversity’, is officially open. The new season will once again contain four main categories with ‘Diversity’ serving as the main theme, along with both ‘General’ (Colour and Black & White) category and ‘Portfolio (Story-Telling)’ category. Rounding off the categories will be a new category, ‘Digital Art’. The Twelfth Season of competition will be open from the 1st of April 2023 until midnight on the 30th of June 2023 (UAE time | GMT: +04:00), on the official website -     

The Secretary General of HIPA, Ali Bin Thalith said, “Last January, our photography community around the globe welcomed our Twelfth Season of competition with great enthusiasm and determination to prepare and participate early. And now that it is finally open for submissions, we invite our photography community to submit their best work in all four categories of the ‘Diversity’ season, this could enhance their chances of winning in all categories. May they also be reminded of the inspiring stories of our previous winners as a great source of motivation to discover their true potential as the next HIPA winners.”

Categories for HIPA’s Twelfth Season of Competition:


A global concept whose origins go back to the beginning of time; of which the meaning also changes constantly due to the fluctuations of time, place, events and circumstances.

Delving deeper into the essence of ‘Diversity’ tells us that it is a basis for coexistent thoughts, including the principle of tolerance, acceptance and the appreciation of differences to benefit all humanity.

The photo that perfectly captures the artistic aspect of ‘Diversity’ translates and evokes a response from the audience. It is one that brings to reality the wonders of the world we live in, highlighting how different yet similar we all are as we share a kindred purpose.

Can your (photographer’s) photo have that subtle yet impactful effect on the viewer? Your understanding of the sublime meanings and connotations of ‘Diversity’, which is the differences and pluralism, should be engrained! It is your arena for creativity.

Portfolio (Story-telling)

The Portfolio category returns to afford photographers the chance to showcase their story-telling skills through a series of photographs. A strong photographic story delves into the heart of a subject matter and leaves no margin for misinterpretation. A portfolio of photographs allows photographers to capture the hearts and minds of audiences in a way which may not be possible through a single photograph.

Digital Art

Do you have a great photograph, but it does not convey all the messages that you want it to?

Do you feel that you are creative in the field of Fine Arts and are able to formulate digital formations that enhance the work that lives in your imagination?

Do you think enhancing your photograph digitally will take it to the next level? Then this is the category for you! Our fourth and final category is Digital Art.


This category remains a favourite among photographers who have an outstanding eye for photography which may not necessarily fall into any of the other categories on offer.

HIPA continues to offer participants two opportunities to participate in this category, instead of one. With one category open to black and white entries, a classic art form, and the other for coloured entries, giving participants the option to dazzle the jury with their vibrant compositions. 

HIPA Special Awards (Invitation Only):

Photography Appreciation Award

Many people within the photography industry are dedicated and relentless in their pursuit for excellence. These people offer their services and expertise without expecting a return on their efforts and therefore form a vital part of the photographic community.

The ‘Photography Appreciation Award’ is a special category for a person or group who has/have shown long-standing commitment to enhancing the art of photography. By awarding the recipient, HIPA hopes to give back a small amount of the respect and appreciation they deserve. 

Photography Content Creator Award

Service to photography is not limited to taking stunning photographs, but extends to editors, publishers, bloggers, researchers, inventors, promoters and all print and digital content creators that have had a positive impact on the industry and helped shape it to what it is today.

Emerging Person/Organisation in Photography Award

This award is presented to an emerging person or organisation that has shown outstanding work or vision in the industry, be it on a regional, national or international level.