6 Jun, 2023

HIPA and HUAWEI Themes launch 11 digital photography collections

• Ali Khalifa Bin Thalith: By combining HIPA’s diverse collection and HUAWEI Themes’ innovation, future generations of photographers will be inspired from today.

• Sets of new Themes will be released on a weekly basis

 6 June 2023

HUAWEI Themes and Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA), have joined forces to bring an unparalleled collection of digital masterpieces and exclusive art to the palm of your hand. With a series of new Themes Collections, HUAWEI smartphones, foldable phones, tablets, and smartwatches will showcase the world of award-winning photography in breathtaking detail and creativity.

The partnership between HUAWEI Themes and HIPA opens up a gateway to a universe of visual artistry. The 11 thematic collections, carefully curated from the remarkable HIPA competition archives, are offering a diverse range of captivating photographs. Each collection narrates a unique story, capturing moments of beauty, love, and the essence of our Earth.

HIPA's collaboration with HUAWEI Themes shares with the world stunning photography from their 11 annual books, which HUAWEI Themes will adapt into breathtaking Themes and Watch Faces. By bringing these works to a wider audience, the partnership inspires art and cultural dialogue through the platform of photography which connects us without words.

HIPA Secretary General, Ali Bin Thalith, elaborated that the partnership will place photography in the hands of professional photographers, amateur photographers, photography enthusiasts and even aspiring photographers. By combining HIPA’s diverse collection and HUAWEI Themes’ innovation, future generations of photographers will be inspired from today.

Mr. William Hu, Managing Director of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Middle East and Africa Eco Development and Operation, expressed his delight at introducing these inspiring HIPA photography collections to HUAWEI Themes. He emphasized that HUAWEI Themes actively supports Dubai's visionary leadership in advancing art, culture, and innovation. The new Themes Collections aim to support the common vision with HIPA by spreading the culture of photography and celebrate the remarkable work of photographers worldwide.

The first collection, ‘Love of the Earth’, is a powerful testament to the love and connection to one's homeland. With striking images that encompass history, heritage, culture, and resources, this collection encourages users to unleash their photographic skills and capture the essence of their own cherished landscapes.

Following the success of the first release, the second collection, ‘The Beauty of Light’, takes us on a journey to the heart of beauty itself. Through captivating imagery, it reveals the magic and wonder that reside in innovation and the artistic mastery of light. Each photograph speaks volumes without the need for interpretation, as a picture truly paints a thousand words.

The third collection, ‘Creating the Future, pays homage to Dubai's successful bid for Expo 2020 and HIPA's commitment to supporting the city's ambitious vision. With exhibitions held worldwide, HIPA has empowered photographers and showcased their work to a global audience, fostering confidence and encouraging participation.

HUAWEI users have the privilege of immersing themselves in these breathtaking, award-winning photographs that portray the awe-inspiring wilderness and uniqueness of our planet. HUAWEI Themes and HIPA are dedicated to launching new Theme Collections on a weekly basis, ensuring a constant stream of creativity, originality, and imagination.

To celebrate this collaboration, HUAWEI Themes is also set launched an exciting lucky draw campaign. Huawei users can download themes onto their devices for a chance to win amazing prizes, including Huawei devices and HIPA Annual Books. HUAWEI Themes is enabling art lovers to embark on a visual journey like no other as HUAWEI Themes and HIPA redefine the boundaries of artistic expression. Let your imagination soar with the power of photography, and unlock the true potential of your HUAWEI device with these captivating Themes Collections. To join the campaign, click here.