Rahmad Himawan

My photos mostly show Mount Barisan which is located on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, a non-active mountain that is included in the mountains of Southeast Asia, which is very beautiful in the morning, afternoon and even at night with light pollution far from urban areas, in the morning when the weather is beautiful in the mountains I took photos to get a moment of the sky and the weather was amazing. I like photography of all types of nature photography, getting to know the big ones like a wide view or a little detail with macro photography or human interaction. I also really like some moments that require precision in shooting, such as I try to get extreme weather such as flashes of light or lightning, I look for lightning photo moments in hilly and mountainous areas that are close to me. in the rice fields of Kemumu village and the hills of leaf mountains in North Bengkulu Regency in Indonesia.

Bengkulu Indonesia Joined July 13, 2024
Awards & Achievements
1st Winner Humanity 2022 - 2023 Shortlisted Nature 2021 3rd Winner Light 2019


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