Michael Molyneux

I’ve always shared the view of travel photographer Jim Richardson that ”if you want to take better photographs, stand in front of more interesting stuff.”  So I’ve been taking photographs and travelling since I was 15 years old, and publishing written and photographic work since 2012.  I have an active interest in landscape, wildlife, street and journalistic photography.      I think that, like any art, successful photography must be anchored in simple human curiosity. The same urge that dragged me out into the backwoods as a child, with a metal detector and a magnifying glass, is still at work today, when I remove the lens cap and start clicking the shutter.      I believe that something which is done with love is never wasted.  So I’m grateful for each new trip, each opportunity to engage with people and places thanks to photography.    At the same time, I’m always conscious that photography’s ability to objectify moments has its downside.  There’s a cathartic process involved in creating art which can often cloud its value as art.  And when we start to view the world as a potential set of photographs, we sometimes move further away from the reality we once quite innocently coveted.  Sometimes just being there is enough.  Yet the urge to document, to discover, to disseminate, remains strong within us.  So it’s with these considerations in mind that I try to do my work, with an emphasis on observation, curiosity and the more-than-human world.       

Doha United Kingdom Joined July 13, 2024
Awards & Achievements
1st Winner Humanity 2022 - 2023 Shortlisted Nature 2021 3rd Winner Light 2019