Hemaya Clip


About the award

Based on the eight principles launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, and the keenness of the Dubai Police General headquarters to make the security institution a destination for outstanding and creative people through their participation in the competition to develop awareness and prevention methods in various security fields, we are honored to launch the first session of:

Dubai Police Award for Best Awareness Video or Photograph in the Security Field

To attract people with minds and ideas from post-secondary school students; i.e. universities, institutes and colleges students to participate in the production of creative and innovative materials to address various security and policing issues that would make Dubai the safest city in the world .

The Seventh Principle: the Land of Talent

Dubai’s superiority depends on its being a destination for the outstanding. The continuance of its competitiveness depends on its sustained attraction of people with thoughts and ideas.

Award Objectives

Embracing Creativity and Innovation

Adopting ideas that are characterized by creativity and innovation to address various security and police challenges and provide an incubating environment for the creative winning students and support them in local and international forums and competitions.

Foreseeing the security future through the eyes of youth

Anticipating the future of awareness and prevention in the security fields from the perspective of young people, supporting talents and empowering them to create innovative methods that suit the next generations

Enhance communication with students

Boosting communication channels with all university students and affiliates of institutes and colleges from different universities and nationalities and giving them the opportunity to highlight their ideas and talents in producing creative and purposeful clips.

Target groups

Students of universities, institutes and colleges inside the UAE of all nationalities, and citizens of the UAE who are on scholarships abroad



Raising awareness of the hazards of fraud in the digital world and the educational role in protecting users of social media channels.

Digital Content

Creating a safe digital environment to reduce extraneous habits in order to preserve ethical principles and values on social media platforms .

Drug Prevention

Family and community roles for prevention or recovery support including therapeutical, educational and social institutions role.

Hemaya Clip Segments

Videos 🎞

Producing a short video of no more than 60 seconds, using the best photography and editing techniques, to produce an innovative work addressing various security and police issues.

Portfolio 📸

A photograph including a group of images of not less than 5 and not more than 10, where the photographer is able to tell a complete story and communicate a specific message through a series of photographic sequences of events.


1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1. Adopting creative and innovative ideas tackling various security and police problems and provide an incubating environment for the creative winning students and support them in local and international forums and competitions.

1.2. The participant should mention if there are any quotes, materials, or references extracted from the Internet.

1.3. The artworks must be the original works of the participant and exclusive to contributing to Hemaya Clip. The award disclaims its responsibility in case there are unoriginal works that violate copyright and intellectual property rights. It will also be excluded if it is discovered.

1.4. (Hemaya Clip) reserves the rights to display, publish and promote the winning artwork and its information by any means.

1.5. The participant must obtain the full approval of the work team participating in the artwork, photos, and advertising posters , and any material accompanying the artwork. (The “Hemaya Clip Award”) shall not bear any consequences, allegations or complaints after publishing the clips and promoting them.


2.1 Submissions will be accepted from 10:00 on 10th March 2023 until 24:00 on 31st March 2023, UAE local time, (i.e. GMT +4). Submissions made after the deadline will not be accepted. 


3.1. The duration of the clip should be (60) seconds

3.2. There must be a subtitle Arabic (to/from) English on the clips

3.3. The clip must be uploaded in MP4 format, with a quality of no less than 1080 HD

3.4. The participant must be able to provide the original files later

3.5. Backstage delivery (optional)

4. Standards, Terms & Conditions

4.1. The series of photos must be on one theme. The number of photos allowed is a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10. You must put a title and description for each photo.

4.2. The series of photos must be on one theme. The number of photos allowed is a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10. You must put a title and description for each photo.

4.3. It is not permissible to submit the same photo to participate in more than one entry.

4.4. The format of the submitted images must be in JPEG or JPG format, and it must be of high quality and accuracy, and the size of the image must not be less than 5MB, provided that the longest side of the image is not less than 2000 pixels, and the quality is not less than 300dpi, and the images must also be suitable for publication . The original image (RAW) or the original image file must be loaded without any modification when loading the image in all themes.

4.5. It is not permissible to submit any pictures that have won previous prizes, whether in one of the previous prize competitions or any other competitions, and one(s) who had been announced as a winner work. It is not permissible to submit any pictures that were previously used for any commercial purpose. Any photos contrary to the above mentioned will be automatically excluded from the competition and without any additional notice.

4.6. Any images that represent or contain any inappropriate and/or offensive content, including nudity and/or violence and/or any other content deemed inconsistent with public morals and the religious and cultural customs and traditions of the United Arab Emirates, will be disqualified.

4.7. Entries must not contain any logos, signatures, names, frames, borders, symbols, signs, date, time and/or other marks added by the participant. Basic technical alterations to the images are permitted, provided that this does not impact the credibility and/or originality of the image/ photo/ illustration. Advanced edits used to add illusions, optical illusions and/or manipulations, including overlays and creative alterations to images, are prohibited.

4.8. The award reserves the right to evaluate and exclude any images that the award, in its absolute discretion, considers to be contrary to the aforementioned.