Creating the Future

Special Awards

Photography Appreciation Award (Personal, Group or Team Award)*

There are many people within the photography industry who are dedicated and relentless in their pursuit for excellence. These people offer their services and expertise without expecting a return on their efforts and therefore form a vital part of the photographic community.

The “Photography Appreciation Award” is a special category for a person or group who has shown long-standing commitment to enhancing the art of photography. HIPA hopes to give back a small portion of the respect and appreciation due, by creating a special award which celebrates those who do so much for the field of photography.

Photographic Research/Report Award*

Research in any field is commendable. In fact, it perfectly reflects the overaching theme of this session’s award “Creating the future”. Research is the building block to the future and this is why HIPA has chosen to acknowledge its contribution.

HIPA is committed to supporting and enhancing the research field in photography and this is why it has introduced the “Photographic Research/Report Award”.

The Award will celebrate the most comprehensive research compiled in the field of photography. This falls in line with the strategic goal of the award to develop the art of photography for the entire photographic community across the globe.

*Participants may enter these two special awards by invitation only.


Creating the future

The overaching theme for this session will be ‘Creating the Future’. This is a powerful and evocative subject matter which can be interpreted in many ways. From the moment we are born we embark on a journey where the future is continually being created. Whether we are creating the future for ourselves, or for future generations, the endless possibilities and desire to forge tomorrow is a universal pursuit of mankind, whatever the culture.

HIPA is looking forward to receiving entries from all over the world which capture the inspirational nature of the theme.


This category offers photographers the opportunity to express their creativity in their own way. The category offers participants the chance to portray whatever they find inspires them as long as they adhere to the criteria and regulations of the Award.

HIPA is searching for some outstanding pieces of work that inspire and perfectly exemplify the creative process.

This category literally embraces any subject matter and encourages photographers to submit entries that are truly outstanding, reflecting the excellence of the HIPA Award.

Please note that black and white photographs will not be accepted for the General Category as there is a Black and White category especially set aside for this.

Black and White

In the early days of photography, photographers had no choice but to shoot in black and white, as it was the only available medium. Then, in the early twentieth century colour photography made its debut to the world. But black and white photography didn’t die off, instead it flourished.

Indeed, the term ‘Black and White’ just doesn’t do this area of photography true justice. Images are not just starkly black and white but instead a subtle graduation of tones of grey or sepia. The wonderful thing about black and white photography is that it generates a feeling of nostalgia that is sometimes unmatched by coloured photography.

Black and white images require strong accomplished graphic compositions and expert use of light which demands photographic skills at their finest. We especially wanted to retain this category in the 3rd session because of inspiring entries in previous sessions which were truly amazing.

Street Life

To feel the energy, the character and the culture of a nation then getting out in the streets is the fastest way to experience this.

The reality of street life is a candid mirror to the world we live in – it can reflect society, capture split-second personal moments or chart history by documenting the buildings, people and details of an era.

This category allows the photographer free rein to express themselves and the world we live in. The work of Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Frank and Paul Strand all recorded street life in varied and inspirational ways. This year HIPA too looks forward to receiving a selection of entries which offer captivating perspectives of street life in thought provoking ways.

Prize Money

"Creating the future" Category

1st $20,000 $20,000
2nd $16,000 $16,000
3rd $12,000 $12,000

"General" Category

1st $14,000 $14,000
2nd $10,000 $10,000
3rd $6,000 $6,000

"Black and White" Category

1st $16,000
2nd $10,000
3rd $8,000

"Street Life" Category

1st $16,000
2nd $10,000
3rd $8,000

"Special Awards"

Photography apperciation award (Personal, Group or Team Award) $20,000
Photographic Research/Report Award $25,000
Grand Total $389,000


Susan Baraz

Susan Baraz eye for detail has been relied upon by many: since its inception in 2003, Susan Baraz has been the Co-Chair of the Lucie Awards, committed to recognizing Masters of Photography, discovering new and emerging talent and promoting the appreciation of photography worldwide. Susan is also the Head of Judging for The International Photo Awards, a global photo competition, and the Director of Photography, both nationally and internationally for AtEdge, an exclusive, invitation only, photography marketing program.

Susan lends her expertise as a fine and commercial photography consultant through her firm website She is responsible for portfolio reviewing, curating gallery exhibitions, lecturing and editing photo books for private individuals, both amateurs and professionals, worldwide. She is also the founding member/Chairperson of Focus On AIDS (FOA), which she established in 1987, and has become the largest fine art photography auction/benefit in the United States.


Riccardo Busi

Born in 1958 in Florence (Italy), Doctor in Political Sciences, master in Diplomatic Career and in International Organizations.

He is General Secretary of The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) since 2002.

Travel and Nature photographer, he is presently coordinator and trainer of photography courses and workshops and collaborator of “Panda Photo” Photographic Agency – Rome.

He has actively participated in shows and competitions realizing from 1980 to today more than 330 personal and collective exhibitions and projections. He has gathered more than 1000 admissions in international competitions and over 200 awards. Five times FIAP World Champion in Nature: Finland 1999 (CLP), South Africa 2001 (CLP), Australia 2003 (CLP), Croatia 2006 (CLP and PI). Once FIAP World Champion in Projected Images (Belgium 2011) and three times FIAP Gold Medal in Projected Images World Cups (Finland 1999, Belgium 2002 and Indonesia 2009). In 2007 he won the Second FIAP World Cup for Clubs, and in 2011 the 60th Anniversary FIAP Cup “Children of the World” in Singapore.

Judge in more than 200 national and international competitions since 1982, he has taken part to international juries in 22 different countries.

Thanks to the results obtained he received many distinctions and Titles: Master FIAP (MFIAP); Guest Professor of Shandong University of Art and Design – Jinan, China; Senior adviser of Art of Lishui Phot. Association – China; Hon. Fellowship of Saudi Photographers’ House; Hon. Fellowship of Bangladesh Phot. Society and many others.

Jon Jones

    As a photojournalist for the Sygma Photo Agency in Paris, Jon Jones documented conflict all over the world, most notably in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. His work has been widely published by Time, Newsweek, The New York Times Magazine, the Sunday Times Magazine, Paris Match, and Stern.

Jon has collaborated on numerous books and media projects and his work has been widely exhibited. He was the curator of the Sunday Times 50th Anniversary exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, and is also the editor of a major retrospective book of the Bosnian War, which was published in 2013

Jon is a regular photographic judge and lecturer and has taught the Joop Swart Master-class for the World Press, and the Visa D’Or workshops. His numerous international photographic awards include two World Press Photo Awards.

He is currently the Director of Photography for the Sunday Times Magazine.

Henk van Kooten

Henk van Kooten is a professional photographer from the Netherlands with a distinctive style universally acknowledged by photographic critics. A graduate of the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP), Henk has won numerous awards throughout his career, including the International Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards (twice), the Lichfield Award (for the most creative use of people), the BIPP 'Overseas Wedding', 'Fashion and Glamour', 'Commercial' and 'Overall Photographer of the Year 2004'.

His background in the mental health sector has helped shape his photographic style in recognizing emotions of subjects and dealing with them. He joined and gained a fellowship from the MPA (Master Photographers Association) and has gained three qualifications within the European Federation in Fashion, Portrait and Wedding photography.

Henk was the first Dutch photographer, and the sixth in Europe, to gain the title of Master Qualified European Photographer with a series of 20 photographs on the theme of 'Disappearing'. During his career he has taught several workshops, master classes and lectures across Europe and the United States. In recent years, has been the Chairman of the Master Photographers Association and is involved with several charities in the Netherlands and abroad.

Hossain Mahdavi

Hossain Mahdavi was awarded his membership to the Federation of European Photographers (FEP) in 2003, and gained Fellowship with the Master Photographers Association (MPA) and the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) in 2005. Since 1996 he has been actively involved with the MPA and BIPP as a speaker, lecturer, mentor and judge. He is also a past President and Chairman of the MPA.

Since becoming a professional photographer in 1994, he has won many prestigious awards, some of his most recent being National Family Photographer of the Year, National Portrait Photographer of the Year, and London Portrait Group Photographer of the Year. He has also gained regional accolades for commercial, press and PR, fashion, and pictorial photography.

Over the years his work has been widely published throughout the trade and professional media. His international commissions have included photographing royalty, celebrities and dignitaries for all over the world including France, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, Nigeria and Swaziland.

He currently runs a successful studio business in the UK, as well as covering all major press events for the My News Magazine Group.

Caroline Metcalfe

Caroline Metcalfe has worked at Conde Nast Traveller magazine since its launch in 1997. She had previously worked on newspaper magazines, The Observer, the Independent and the Financial Times. In the 15 years since Traveller launched, the magazine has won huge acclaim and countless awards for its distinctive photography, covering lifestyle, food and drink, portraiture, interiors and stunning locations and landscapes. Caroline has worked on numerous advertising campaigns for Leo Burnett, Ogilvy and JWT and on special projects for design groups Pentagram and Vince Frost Design. She is a member of the World Press Photo Masterclass and the Young Photographers Alliance committees assessing the work of young photographers and recommending individuals for participation in the mentoring programmes.

Caroline has worked with some of the most distinguished photographers in the world and has also spent much of her professional career encouraging new talent.

‘I was hugely impressed by the mission statement for the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award

and I look forward to playing my part in developing one of the most highly regarded global photographic competitions. I shall be on the lookout for new talent as well as judging the work of established professionals. Great photography, one of the most challenging creative disciplines in my view, is the art of exploring and revealing the world through fresh eyes while avoiding deadly photographic clichés. I am hoping to be stimulated and encouraged by the wealth of creativity that I know is out there just waiting to be discovered.’

Cheryl Newman

Cheryl Newman is the award-winning Telegraph magazine’s photography director. Since 2001 she has raised its profile commissioning globally respected photographers as well as seeking young talent found through colleges, festivals and portfolio reviews.

Cheryl’s intelligent, provocative commissioning includes fashion, fine art and portraiture. Alongside this, Cheryl also commissions documentary photographers working in conflict zones to portray truthful, powerful stories.

Cheryl works closely with photographers on book and exhibition projects and remains a regular visitor at universities within the UK and on the faculty of the Bilder Nordic Photography School in Oslo.

She has served as committee member for the Royal Photographic Society Awards, and been a member of the judging panel for the Ian Parry Award, the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery and the Getty Grant.

Waleed Qadoura

Waleed is a member of the Photographers Association in Spain and the Emirates Fine Arts Society. During his prolific career in photography, Waleed held several exhibitions and received tens of national and international awards. He has also contributed to judging panels for numerous photography competitions around the world.

Since joining Al-Bayan Press Printing and Publishing in Dubai in 1980, Waleed has become head of the photography department at the newspaper, and amassed a huge collection of photographs that document the development of the United Arab Emirates. His knowledge and expertise has enriched the art of photography in the country through the many lectures and presentations he has delivered at universities, schools and associations concerned with photography.

Sanat Shodhan

Sanat Shodhan is a leading Nature and Wildlife photographer from India. He is an Associate of the India International Photographic Council, New Delhi as well as a recipient of the ‘ Gaurav Puraskar’, a State Honor from the Government of Gujarat in India.

From childhood, Sanat has held a passion for the natural world and all that is connected with it: visiting many sanctuaries and national parks around the world to capture various untouched nature and landscapes.

Throughout his long and illustrious career Sanat has amassed over 60 local and international photography awards and accolades whilst having his photographs featured in some of the most illustrious publications and magazines.

His acclaimed book, ‘My Journey into the wild’ includes over 400 colour photographs of magnificent mammals, exotic birds, beautiful flowers and stunning landscapes from across the world. Over the last 6 years, Sanat has been on various judging panels of photography completions and contests in India and abroad.